If you know or suspect you have mold in your home, we can test it and have it analyzed by an independant licensed, certified laboratory to provide a detailed report on the kinds of mold in your home and the mold count in the air of your home.

All homes have mold in the air. This is normal and not necessarily unhealthy. So how does one determine if there is a mold problem in the home? We take air samples inside and outside the home. If there is visible mold anywhere, we take swab samples to be tested. When the lab sends us the report on the results, we will analyze it with you to determine if there is a mold problem in your home. If there are mold species inside that are not outside, that can indicate a mold problem inside the home. This is because all mold in the indoor air comes from the outside. This is normal. But, again, if there is a species inside that is not outside, there is a problem. If the mold count in the air is greater inside than outside, that, too, can indicate a problem of possible mold growth inside the home.

After the mold is found and removed, you will need to have a post clearance test done to insure that the mold problem has been resolved and that the indoor air quality is back to normal healthy levels.

If you choose our company to remediate the mold situation, we strongly recommend having a third party do the post clearance testing. If you have another company do the remediation, we would be glad to also do the post clearance testing.
Our Certified Mold Inspectors will thoroughly inspect your home or business from top to bottom, not only visibly, but also taking humidity and moisture readings that can indicate a mold problem that may not be visible. The inspection includes attic and basement and crawl space areas. Photos are taken and emailed to you immediately while we are in your home of any mold situations. Mold testing is done as part of the inspection in most cases.
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